"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

"With the purchase of two brood mares in 2004, 
we began our journey into the miniature horse world. 
The following spring, Diego was born 
and we have been hooked ever since."

                 If you don't have a Mini, Get one!


Sire:  OMP Pizazzs White Gold
Dam:  WeeOkies Reflections Ruffian
2007 Honor Roll


Ash Creek Farm does not condone the use of surgical or invasive procedures to alter the natural confirmation of our horses.
We will always provide honest representation, honest photos, and honest measurements.


Visitors ALWAYS Welcome

Ron & Kim Clough
1316 S. 10th 
Kingfisher, OK  73750
(405) 375-5217 Home
(405) 368-8248


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